About me

MY background AND my food philosophy


I'm a certified health coach and plant-based chef from Argentina where my culinary career began. As a self-taught chef with endless creativity, at the age of 20 I quickly turned my overall passion for cooking and a healthy lifestyle into my first business. I created, cooked and delivered weekly healthy vegetarian meals, catered for events and developed a successful line of vegetarian empanadas and frozen veggie burgers.

After moving to the USA in 2015, the abundant access to varieties of plant-based alternatives, ingredients and spices expanded my mind and creativity about the possibilities in the plant-based kitchen.

I became very passionate about sharing the benefits and possibilities of this lifestyle and decided to focus on educating myself and others, and demonstrating that delicious plant-based cuisine with no compromise is possible.

I currently live in Naples, FL where I offer PLANT-BASED PRIVATE COOKING SESSIONS and CLASSES and I work as a CONSULTING VEGAN CHEF for hotels, resorts, restaurants and wellness centers.

There’s nothing more satisfying for me than seeing clients positively surprised about how amazing plant-based cuisine can be!

I hope this resonates with you and if you’re interested in learning more about my services, have questions about recipes you’re trying out, or curious about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, feel free to email me at contact@healthivismbyrosina.com.

Thanks for visiting!

Below are my certifications….


The Institute of Integrative Nutrition allowed me to study over 100 different dietary theories and learn from the world’s top nutrition experts, like:

  • Dr. Andrew Weil, director of The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

  • Dr. David Katz, director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center.

  • Phd. Marion Nestle, professor in the Department of Nutrition at New York University.

  • Dr. Neal Barnard, clinical researcher and president of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

  • Dr. Deepak Chopra, leader in integrative medicine and personal transformation.

  • Dr. Mark Hyman, leader in functional medicine.

  • David Wolfe, the biggest authority on superfoods and raw food nutrition.

My course study focused on coaching strategies & the design of programs to support positive transformations in my community and my clients' nutrition & lifestyle.

RouxBe Cooking School gave me a stronger foundation about how to cook with whole, minimally processed and nutrient dense foods, using health supportive culinary techniques, flavor balancing and building principles. Also learning advanced techniques, like creating from scratch meat and dairy alternatives, sprouting, dehydrating, fermenting, gluten-free cuisine and flavors around the world.

I’m well prepared to work with a range variety of clients and customized my services to help them in the best way possible.

I know how to target specific health concerns with my recipes as well as create innovative and appealing plant-based meals that are nutritious and delicious as well.


My biggest goal is to help people understand that what we eat has the most influence on us on a daily basis (ENERGY - MOOD - PRODUCTIVITY - SLEEP - STRESS - APPEARANCE - RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS). In the long term, our food choices will determine our overall state of health and wellbeing. Once you learn this direct connection, food becomes a HIGHER VALUE in your life.

Food is MEDICINE and PLEASURE. It’s a powerful tool to support us to feel amazing and to accomplish whatever we desire in this life. And it has to be enjoyed.

Here is where my recipes make the magic happen! Once you experiment with a way of eating that’s NOURISHING + DELICIOUS and makes you feel GOOD + ENERGIZED, you feel inspired and real food becomes a genuine part of your daily life.

  • All my recipes are 100% PLANT-BASED (no meat, dairy, eggs or honey). I choose to advocate for a vegan lifestyle not only for my health, but for the animals and the planet. I understand this doesn’t work for everyone. No matter what dietary approach you follow, a PLANT-BASED CENTERED diet is the best you can do to support your health.

  • All my recipes are made with WHOLE FOODS, SEASONAL PRODUCE and MINIMALLY PROCESSED INGREDIENTS. I use ORGANIC and LOCAL as much as possible. This means they are nutrient-dense.

  • In all my recipes I use CONSCIOUS COOKING TECHNIQUES with minimally amounts of oil (avocado, coconut, grapeseed or sunflower) without compromising flavor and texture. And I customize oil-free recipes upon request as well.

  • In all my recipes I use BOOSTING FLAVOR TECHNIQUES that I adopted over my years of experimenting in the kitchen, proving that you don’t need to sacrifice flavor and texture for health and sustainability.

  • All my recipes are made with LOVE. The kitchen is my happy place, where my creativity expands. I enjoy this so much!! I’m also always challenging myself to expand and veganize different cuisines.