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I’m Rosina Alessi, a certified holistic health coach and plant-based chef that uses Whole Plant-Based Foods to inspire individuals, families and communities to prioritize and upgrade their health and live joyful lives. 

I believe in the power Whole Plant-Based Foods have to positively impact our lives and one of my biggest missions is spread their goodness and facilitate healthy delicious eating, resources and useful information through my work, recipes and blog posts.

Health is Wealth! And it starts in our plates. It’s not the only form of nourishment, but it’s the first step to take if we want to manifest real and sustainable transformations in our wellbeing. It’s our responsibility to give our bodies the nutrients they need to thrive. As reward we’ll feel supported and with the energy to perform and accomplish whatever we desire!!

The body is a perfect machine from nature, that no science will be able to replicate. It has an astonishing and persistent capacity to balance and heal it self if we give it a chance. I’m not trying to say that medicine is useless. Actually, when needed, can be very helpful. I'm trying to say that we don't have to underestimate what the body can do if we support it in the right way.

Food, lifestyle and priorities have changed over the past several decades. It’s not a coincidence that more and more people are suffering from some kind of health related condition, from food sensitivities to obesity, diabetes and cancer.

When it comes to Healthy Eating, there’s a lot of misinformation and confusion out there. Making it more complicate that what it truly is, leaving people with a sense of overwhelm around food choices.

I’m here to remind you that Healthy Eating can be EASY + SIMPLE + DELICIOUS and something that we can genuinely enjoy because of how it makes us feel. That way we can start to see it as a longterm lifestyle rather than a diet or temporal program.

This isn’t about perfection, restrictions, guilt, magic pills or quick fixes. This is about educating our selves and apply what we learn in the way that best work for us and our families.

And it’s pretty simple:

EAT MORE WHOLE PLANT-BASED FOODS: natural, fresh, seasonal and minimally processed ingredients that your body can recognize, digest, assimilate and use as energy to support your body’s functions, detoxifying and healing processes. It’s simply about re-training your brain and taste buds about a way of eating that will support your health and you’ll enjoy.

AVOID HIGHLY PROCESSED “FOODS”: synthetic ingredients like dyes and flavorings, antibiotics, refined sugars, gmo oils mess up with the inner ecology of the gut, disrupt hormones and brain cells. They acidify the organism, making it easier for bad pathogens like viruses, parasites and cancer cells to thrive. By stop consuming them, you start feeling better and have a genuine desire to consume more REAL FOOD. Don’t be fooled by marketing campaigns, their goal is to sell.

We can always decide to make changes to a better direction if we want to, no mater which our circumstances are.

So, whatever your reasons are: 

  • adopt a whole plant-based lifestyle.

  • explore plant-based alternatives.

  • increase your daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

  • incorporate healthy versions of meals that you and your family enjoy.

  • eliminate or reduce refined sugars.

  • specific dietary requirements (gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, etc) due to food sensitivities.

  • be more organize around meals.

  • increase your confidence in the kitchen.

  • learn about labels and better food choices.

  • feel more inspired and inspire your family, your community to celebrate a healthier life.

Here you’ll find GUIDANCE, MOTIVATION and RESOURCES to support your health and eating goals based on a Whole Plant-Based Lifestyle! 

I, personally, choose to follow a 100% Plant-Based Diet, aka Vegan. My reasons are: my health, animal torture, world hunger and planet sustainability. This is what deeply resonate with me. However you don’t have to be 100% vegan to benefit from plants or make a better contribution to the world. This is not a space to exclude who thinks or lives differently. ALL EATERS ARE WELCOME!!

Luckily, we are hearing more and more about the health benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle. It’s becoming mainstream and not because it’s a new trend. Science supports it. People who is reversing health conditions are the best examples.

Sill, there’s so much more work to do!

I envision a world where we prioritize what is really important: our HEALTH. In our homes and with the support of governments and public policies.

We can ambition a bigger house, the newest car but without health, what do we really have?

Once I heard this:


That’s what I stand up for! I hope this resonates with you too, so you feel inspired to follow and support my work. 

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