Healthivism by Rosina

Healthivism by Rosina

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I’m Rosina Alessi, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Plant-Based Chef with the mission to spread the goodness of a PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLE.

My passion for COOKING, PLANT-BASED NUTRITION and HEALTHY LIVING were the inspiration to create Healthivism by Rosina. It’s a services oriented company that focuses on providing COOKING SESSIONS + INTERACTIVE COOKING CLASSES + INNOVATIVE RECIPES AND MENU DEVELOPMENT.


Plant-Based Foods have the power to enhance our health. My dedication to share and educate in the principals of a nutrient-dense plant-based diet while creating the most delicious recipes is so that more and more people can enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle.

I'm really passionate about inspiring and showing the WHYS - WHATS and HOWS when it comes to plant-based lifestyle. It makes me so happy to see clients get a whole new + positive perspective of how delicious, satisfying, and easy preparing plant-based foods can be.

The pillars that ground my cooking, teaching and consulting are:

  • REAL FOOD IN and JUNK FOOD OUT: A healthy diet is made up of real nutrient-dense based food - the foods your body can recognize and use as energy. My recipes and work focus on a 100% plant-based approach, that means no meat, dairy, eggs or honey. But regardless of what diet you adhere to (vegetarian, flexitarian, keto, meat eater, etc), you'll always benefit from eating more plants and real food while leaving the junk out.

  • PLANT-BASED ENJOYMENT: I inspire my clients to see plant-based food as a tool that can help us to feel our best. It’s a source of fuel and nourishment that should also be enjoyed, because if you don't enjoy it, you’re not going to eat it regularly enough to really benefit from it. Rather than restrictive, boring and flavorless, plant-based meals can be satisfying, nurturing and so so so delicious.

  • CONSISTENCY + COMMITMENT: When it comes to health, it's what you do consistently, over a long period of time that counts. No magic pills or quick fixes will do the trick. And while it may be a process to successfully create new habits, it's the only way to make it sustainable over time. I encourage my clients to examine what specific habits they can improve that will help them reach their goals and feel their best.

Be open to new information. Get new perspectives about a Plant-Based Lifestyle. Use your common sense. Open up to compassion for other living creatures. Be empowered by self-education. Explore new options. And please, don’t believe all what you see on TV or read in magazines...
— Rosina Alessi