Food philosophy

My biggest GOAL is to help people to understand that what we eat has the most influence on us on a daily basis (energy, mood, productivity, sleep, relationships to others, stress and appearance) and in long term our food choices would determine our overall state of health and wellbeing.

Once you learn about this DIRECT CONNECTION, food becomes a HIGHER VALUE in your life. 

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Eating natural, fresh, seasonal and minimally processed ingredients that your body can recognize, digest and use as energy to support all your body’s functions and healing process. It can feel difficult but it is simpler that what you may think. It is simply about re-training your brain about a way of eating that is SIMPLE, taste really DELICIOUS and that provides you with NUTRIENTS and ENERGY to feel your best.

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Avoid synthetic ingredients, (toxic) chemicals, added sugars and nasty oils. They mes up with the inner ecology of the gut, disrupt hormones and brain cells. They acidify the organism, making it easier for bad pathogens, like viruses, parasites and cancer cells to thrive. By stop consuming them, you start feeling better and have a natural desire to consume more REAL FOOD.

And here is where MY RECIPES make the magic happens!

Once you experiment, in first hand, with a way of eating that is truly SIMPLE + ENERGIZING + NOURISHING and DELICIOUS and you start to SEE AND FEEL POSITIVE CHANGES in your life. Real Food will actually become something that you enjoy and will become naturally part of your daily life.