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I’m Rosina Alessi, a Certified Integrative Health Coach and Plant-Based Personal Chef, with the mission of bringing more Real Food into your table and your life.

I provide:

  • PLANT-BASED COOKING SERVICES for individuals, couples and families who want or need to prioritize their health while still enjoying delicious home-made meals.

    • Weekly Meal Preparations.

    • Private Events/Parties.

  • WELLNESS COACHING for families with young kids who are willing to make better food choices, welcome more wellness in their homes and get healthier together.

    • Individual Sessions.

    • 3 Month Program.

I believe in the power that REAL FOOD + EDUCATION + COMMUNITY have to transform lives, and those are the pillars of my work.

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HbR was born thanks to my love for WHOLE PLANT-BASED COOKING, my passion about INSPIRING COMMUNITIES and FAMILIES to take responsibility and prioritize their health and wellbeing and thanks to the amazing HEALTH TRANSFORMATIONS of folks who successfully improved their lives by improving their food choices.

When I discovered a way of cooking and eating that is SIMPLE + ABUNDANT and DELICIOUS and support me to feel better than ever, my only desire was to help others to also experiment it, specially for NEXT GENERATIONS! As adults we have to assume the responsibility of what we feed our children. It’s so important to plant a seed within them about the value of nourishing our bodies with REAL FOOD.

HEALTH IS WEALTH! And it starts in our plates….


My mission is to make PLANT-BASED meals SIMPLE + INTERESTING + DELICIOUS so you feel inspired to genuinely incorporate more of its in your daily life and enjoy the health BENEFITS that plants bring into your life.

No matter if you are vegan, vegetarian or meat eater. Everybody benefit from including more plant-centered meals in their diets. Probably you already started to hear about it and if you struggle in making plant-based meals part of your daily diet or feel confuse about how to start… I’m happy to say that you are in the right place!

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Currently I offer FREE FIRST CONSULTATIONS as an opportunity to connect, understand your health goals and get a clear idea of how better I can serve you. Also this is a chance for you to learn more about my approach and the value my services can add in your life. Send an email to: or call to: (240) 810 2670 and let’s connect!

Please, notice that I’m currently working on building up my website. My intention is to provide useful resources to educate and inspire communities about the importance of a healthy plant-based diet. Stay tune! BLOG POSTS and other fun projects will be post here soon.