WEEKLY MEAL PLANS: This is oriented to individuals, couples and families interested in having different plant-based meals ready to eat and enjoy. Both for plant-based eaters and people who want to adopt more of a plant-based approach. All recipes are customized based on clients's goals, preferences and food restrictions. My primary goal is to ensure my clients are eating meals that are enhancing their health without compromising deliciousness.

PRIVATE EVENTS AND GATHERINGS: Are you thinking about hosting a gathering with friends and family or a breakfast business meeting and would like to serve a plant-based menu full of healthy delicious food to enjoy? Menus are customized based on the event, food restrictions and world wide cuisine of choice. Think Mexican, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, Indian, etc. You'll surprise your guests with a menu that everybody will love. 


There's so much information available around food, diet and health that knowing what to eat can be confusing, stressful and time and energy consuming. As a plant-based chef and health coach I educate and inspire about the principles, benefits and possibilities of a plant-based diet.

Increase your confidence in the kitchen, learn how to incorporate a wide variety of healthy ingredients into your diet and get a whole new perspective on how delicious, satisfying and easy plant-based foods can be. My classes are mostly participatory, fun and relaxed. I like to provide my clients with useful information and supportive resources to help them to feel their best.

PRIVATE: Private classes are an excellent way to receive personalized instruction that suits your unique needs and interests.

GROUP: Organizing a group class for your family, friends, colleagues, employees and/or students is an incredible way to inspire wellness and ignite a passion for real health. This classes's content is customized based on audience interest. Some examples are: Plant-Based Fundamentals, Plant-Power Proteins, Plant-Beauty Foods, etc


I work as a consultant chef with FOOD & BEVERAGE VENUES, such as RESTAURANTS, CAFES, HOTELS, CLUBS & RESORTS, CRUISES LINES and other food service settings; wanting to embrace the plant-based movement and include innovative plant-based options in their current offering.