"We were excited when a friend mentioned to us that she was acquainted with a vegan chef in the Naples area, as we are primarily plant-based eaters, and we agreed to jointly host a dinner at our home featuring a menu prepared by Chef Rosina. The food was very well received, even by steadfast meat eaters, and we thought it was delicious. We hired Rosina again about a month later to prepare a dinner for a different group of friends, and the food again was amazing. There were several standout dishes from the two meals that should be mentioned: a warm cauliflower salad, hummus and homemade seed crackers, a roasted vegetable lasagna, a leek and mushroom galette in a whole wheat crust, and a vegan tiramisu that was beyond delicious.  At some point in the future we'd love to host more Chef Rosina dinners. She is a lovely young woman with a definite passion and talent for vegan cooking. We highly recommend her services."

Kim and Mike W. - Naples FL

Rosina was very easy to work with! She has an amazing choice of recipes and was more than willing to work with me on specific recipes I had wanted to try! She allows you to come into the kitchen and work on putting the meals together or just lets you sit back and relax while you learn and enjoy having her in your home. I am a nutritionist myself and was very impressed with the knowledge she has about the plant-base diet. I look forward to having her in my home again and have recommended her to many clients!

Shannon Strachan - Naples FL

Rosina took really great care of us! She took fresh, organic vegetables and made many dishes we had never eaten that were absolutely delicious. Her visual appearance of the food and her expert preparations made us salivate just watching her! We are new to eating more of a plant-based diet and it can be delicious, satisfying, and you’ll feel so good that you won’t want to go back eating a Standard American Diet. We would “highly recommend” working with Rosina as she is delightful to work with on your family’s food needs

Kelly Wilk - Naples FL

I called on Rosina’s help to introduce a group of friends to the possibilities of plant-based dining by asking her to create a delicious dinner party menu. 

Not only was the evening a wonderful success but Rosina’s careful attention to detail by soliciting likes and dislikes from me about my guests and from that developing a delicious, interesting and surprising 4-course menu made the outcome even better. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to solicit Rosina's help again. Immediately following my party found that some of the guests in attendance called upon her knowledge and talents to help them with either a party, strategies to incorporate plant-based eating into their lifestyle, and even as a home chef. Thank you Rosina!

Deirdre Eliopoulos - Naples, FL

I am interested in plant-based food and I am also very interested in living a life style free of disease.  When I hired Rosina to help me with this journey, I knew immediately that I had made a wise choice. I have found Rosina to be very knowledgeable about healthy food choices and how to prepare food so eating is a pleasurable experience.  Not only will she come to your home with her bags carefully packed with what she will need to prepare a meal for you, but she also provides you with written recipes with careful instructions so that you can continue to cook in a healthy way.  Rosina has amazing tips to make cooking this way fun and tasty.  Her organizational skills make meal preparation relaxing and fun.  I look forward to continuing to learn from Rosina. Aside from the service she provides, it has truly been an awesome experience for me getting to know Rosina and I highly recommend her services. 

Nancy Donovan - Naples FL

I'm planning on making a few changes in my cooking habits to incorporate some of your suggestions. 

We all loved your potatoes, the lentil tapenade, the Norwegian bread, the roasted coconut, the apple crumble and the vanilla soy cashew 'ice cream.' You expanded our view of salads. Theresa loved the slaw, and Dave loved the one with the mushrooms, and I liked all the vegetables. I like the fresh squeezed lemon and orange juice, the zests, and the different spices in the dressings. Thanks Rosina!

Elaine Swingle - Naples FL